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Handmade shoes from Italy are a gift that everyone should give to themselves at least once in a lifetime. Italians have always been known for being skilled cobblers, and this tradition still holds true in today’s Florence.


Mary Trudeau, Executive Vice President of Icon, Inc. is currently in Florence, Italy meeting with our shoemakers.  “I am returning to Florence, Italy after many years away.  I am off to the factory that makes ICON’s Italian shoes. Here in Italy is where I fell in love with shoe making. Some of the finest shoemakers and fashion designers in the world are in Italy. Craftsman with leather, that is what you get in the old country, small factories or large, shoemaking is still an art and craft that remains “Made by Hand” and no one does it better than the Italians.”


Icon’s Italian Manufacturer crafts chic shoes and sandals by hand from our high quality printed leather. Icon’s manufacturer’s attention to detail is so exact, that within just a few years at work, they were producing shoes for such designers as Christian Dior. But what really sets them apart from other brands is their casual elegance and comfort. They create a collection with low and medium heels, made out of the finest leather available. Icon’s Italian manufacturer is known for creating the “T” strap shoe, selling over two million pairs in the1950’s.


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The quality of shoes made in Italy is recognized around the world: it is tough to match the blending of high-quality leather, admirable workmanship and Italian style.

Mary’s travelogue:


a TICKET TO HISTORY OF FERRAGAMO Hotel Art in Florence Italy Hotel Art up the wall IMG_5455 IMG_5458 Lake como Leonardo DaVinci Looking down the Lighthouse steps Looking out the lighthouse window The spectacular shops of Como


-MK Bradley